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Originally Posted by ldmataya View Post
Once you've sold something, I don't believe it is yours anymore - is it? Lets say for the sake of argument that the OPs Ritchey really is worth $1,500 to some collector because it is serial #1 . If the purchaser figures that out because a) you don't know, b) you don't have the time or energy to clean it up and describe it as such, or c) the purchaser has access to buyers you don't who expect him to find valuable things; then is any of the profit owed to you? I know where I stand on that argument.

This is why we have markets. And freedom. Be happy we don't live in a country where you have to acquire permission to sell things, or pay bribes to locals to open a stand at a market.
A. My original photo shows the serial number, I knew what it was.
B. I did all the clean up and work to it, the current owner did nothing.
C. I also have access to ebay, where you need to pay bribes, er fees to sell something.

No seller's remorse here, and yes he can ask whatever he wants for it. I never asked for a share of the profit (if he makes any).

Just wondered who else has run into this situation before.
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