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Originally Posted by Halfpoundbobby View Post
OK. I'm a bike hoarder. I'm 330 pounds. And I'm 6'5". I'm training to get back into riding centuries again, so my natural choice was building up one of my road bikes.

Here's the problem: I'm comfortable on it. I've fit every dimension of the bike perfectly to me, I don't have any aches and pains, I can do long rides without issue.

But... I have a giant (HUGE) cruiser seat on it. I've read countless times that this is unacceptable on a road bike, and unacceptable on long rides. But it works. I'm confident that everything else is adjusted properly. Are the bike police going to arrest me for defying tradition and physics?
Holy crap. Have the Velominati shown up? Ahh, check The Rules for a good laugh and then say to yourself, these guys actually think like this. Sad. Rule 5 is the only rule worth following from their "rules". Rule 5 is a rule for life IMO.

That being said, like others have said, if it works, the vast and I mean VAST majority of riders could give a crap if you ride a cruiser seat. Who's even looking at that? Yea, if you are 130lbs and 5'5" maybe, but those types are not going to throw any shade your way being a clyde anyway. Besides, if you are like me, my fat butt covers most of the seat anyway! Again, most of the snobbery comes from badging, just like with cars. Carry on.

I've done 3 centuries and no one has pulled up and said, geez, that's a 30 dollar seat from Performance. Why don't you get a real saddle? You know why? Cause mine works just fine and I have no pain or saddle sores after 15,000 miles. In reality, no one really cares and those that do care are not going to be anywhere near you, nor will they want to hang out with you after the ride.

If it works for you, press on.

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