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I did the technical A crit for the first time last night. It's a half-mile course. Last year I raced the C, and some B. But had not been on the course for a year. Well, turns out I was not mentally prepared for the speed of the turns on this technical course and kept getting gapped big time. Small field of 10 or so. I ended up being dropped after one particular horrendous job on a corner. Eventually I was lapped. Two guys got off the front (the two Cat 1s). We had four of us in the crit. I ended up being able to bridge a teammate up to 2 guys up the road. Then it was 3 vs 1 of us in the groupetto (field?). We attacked that 1 guy, until he was dropped. Then the 3 of us on the team worked together to bridge up to the group of 2 up the road (which included the other teammate). The two up the road were 3rd and 4th on the road. So we did the final few laps in a 4v1 situation (except I was a lap down). Our sprinter beat the guy out. But the other two guys on the team couldn't beat the other guy. So it was actually a pretty fun tactical race, for being dropped so early. I ended up 7th. Unique situation where I actually finished higher than a guy who had lapped me. He was the guy we attacked 3 vs 1. After he was dropped, we accelerated and I ended up lapping him back. And he had given up by then.
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