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Originally Posted by tobukog View Post
One of the interesting things about cycling is the constant push and pull between "what is allowed" and "what you should do" and "what you can get away with" -- all of which is filtered through the perceived status of the rider. Is it a good idea to drive it hard up the inside before corners in a crit? It's legal but it'll earn you a bad rep making it harder for you in the future. However, if you do it cleanly and safely on the last corner, no one will bat an eye -- it's just part of the game and it's the other riders fault for being too slow or failing to close off the inside line. So it just all depends.
I don't want to derail this thread, but suffice to say that this is pretty different from just about every other sport I have participated in. Rider status? Seriously? And allowing someone who has gotten lapped to affect the outcome of the race? Seems less than ideal...
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