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Threads like this remind me why I want to go back to tubulars. $$ vs skin. And now my all-time favorite tread is back. I can get tubulars with the super-sweet ride and synthetic casings that laugh at getting wet. (That tread - ribbed. Fine longitudinal ribs. The best tread for climbing out of ruts, cracks and back onto the pavement. Very good corning, Quite decent in the rain. A great all-around tread that is extremely good at keeping you upright. Why it disappeared for 20 years is completely beyond me.)

I've been riding the Vittoria G+ tires in 28c on skinny ribs. Love 'em. Ribbed tread. Grippy tread. Fast. They do flat from picking up objects. (Around Portland, OR, tire wire and small thorns. I suspect their tubulars do the same. I'll try sealant and a spare under the seat. If that works, I get: the supple casings, fast, grippy tread and the ribs I love plus a tire that can flat at any speed without issues. Tires to keep this old body with far too many crashes on it off the tarmac. And yes, I will have $200 glued and strapped on the bike. Perspective - that bike has a ti stem post and frame. $200 is play money. And every time I go to bed and have to arrange the foam pads around my old injuries - well $200 so I don't have to cut out a new foam pad for the latest?) I'll have to go back to the ritual of gluing tires. Tubasti! And I get to ride the magic carpets again. (It will be the first time I will have been able to do an A-B comparison of clincher and tubular since Vittoria's G tires share the same tread and casing. Also get to see if the old bump at the valve that nearly all tubulars had is still there. Tubulars at least used to be made like real magic carpets, by hand by artisans in Italy as opposed to artisans in Persia.)

Saturday I had the chance to pull the trigger on a $150 Campagnolo Veloce wheelset (with skewers, tires, wheel bag but no cassette) for $150. He'd probably take $125. Have his phone number. Do I? Getting tempted.

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