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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Not sure why you are calling people lemmings just because they are getting into gravel right now. I give no respect to those who adopt early to trends and I give no derision to those who adopt late. Everyone has their one interests, motivation, and means. Many on this very forum are new to gravel every day. Ridiculing them just because they havent already been riding backroads for years is petty as hell.
Its especially odd for you to mock those who are getting into gravel riding now since you have readily admitted that your impulsiveness to early adopt has led you to disappointment many times.
Lighten up, Francis! Did I touch a nerve? Wow.

I wasn't mocking anyone. "Lemmings" is marketingspeak for those who create the crest of a sales wave. No derision meant, but I guess I can see how the term could be seen as pejorative. I will change it in my original post to be better understood.

I am duly censored.

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