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Originally Posted by FlashBazbo View Post
Lighten up, Francis! Thin skin?

I wasn't mocking anyone. "Lemmings" is marketingspeak for those who create the crest of a sales wave. No derision meant, but I guess I can see how the term could be seen as pejorative. I will change it in my original post to be better understood.
Interesting- all my marketing classes in college never introduced me to such a comcept. The term Lemmings has, for all my life, been a term of derision that is meant to highlight those who just follow the pack and go along with whatever is happening instead of thinking for themselves. The common claim being that lemmings will all walk off a cliff to their deaths just because they follow the one in front of them.

Didnt realize it now means the exact opposite and represents those who create the surge in a product's popularity.
Its been a few handfuls since I left college, but what I was taught is there are innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards. Words and language are fluid, but dang thats quite the change!
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