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Originally Posted by wrldtraveller View Post
Right now I am tempted to do a weekend trip, but my bike right now needs a tune up after that pacific coast trip, so its scheduled to get a new brakes, new tubes, a replacement tires.

This is a serious suggestion--find a bike mechanic workshop, or a bike repair coop, and put some time and effort into learning basic and then more advanced bike mechanic stuff.
It's a total win win, you'll learn new stuff, you'll get to know your bike and all the innards, and most importantly you'll have the confidence to deal with stuff.
Best part too is that keeping your bike in great shape reduces greatly the risk of having problems--all this stuff really handy for a bike tourer.

And it saves money!
I'm serious, look into it.

PS one of my Pacific coast memories was serenely going down a big hill with a tail wind, getting to 80kph, great pavement, wide road, no cars, just me and 50mph bliss.
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