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Originally Posted by wrldtraveller View Post
Hey folks,

I just completed my first bike tour, I used Trek Checkpoint ALR 5, outfitted with dual racks. I cycled with two friends starting at Vancouver, B.C. and ended my trip at San Francisco, (my friends went on to San Diego). The reason why I ended my trip while my friends didn't is because I was only permitted 35 days to do this bike trip, and by the time I got to San Francisco, and after a day's rest and exploration of San Francisco, I realized I didn't have enough time to continue. Overall, the trip was very enjoyable, and one thing I would improve this trip, is to ask for more time off so I can have plenty of time to explore and cycle.35 days isn't enough time for me.

Now, my question for you folks, how do you deal with the return to civilization and back to the work routine?

For me, its a strange feeling, everyday I was a very goal oriented, wake up, tear down my tents, eat breakfast, pack my bike, then cycle all day (take breaks for snacks and lunch) then find a campsite for the evening ahead of time, then decide what to eat for supper. Arrive campground, set up everything, cook, eat, then clean up, shower if there is a shower, relax for the evening, maybe go for a walk around campground, or on the beach, then go to sleep at night. Always kept myself occupied mentally. Now its back to reality, so to speak, work, home, eat, etc. and it feels boring, nothing special, and I found myself a bit restless, and difficult to fall asleep at night. is this a normal sensation when you finish a long distance touring on a bike and come back to your home?

The best part of my trip was the high speed descent on some of the hills I had to struggle to get up, and the beautiful views of the coastlines, and the awesome size of the Redwood forest as I rode on the Avenue of the Giants in California, and feeling humbled by the hugeness of the Redwood trees that surrounds the roadway, and the daily sights of pastures, cows, farms, and meeting interesting people of all kinds while on tour.

Curious about anyone's experience and how to get back into the normal albiet boring routine of work/home everyday and how to cope with that.


Stats: Started June 27th, Ended July 27th.
Miles Cycled: 1269 miles

You talk about how do you come back to work after doing a tour, And I can tell you it is not very easy, but what I can tell you that is good, is that , you tend to daydream about your trip a lot, and tend to start planning your next one. Me, being a fulltime soldier, during my working career, I had leave without pay at numerous times, the longest being 12 months, with a 9 month cycle tour, it was very hard coming back to being a soldier fulltime, after being in civi street for all that time, so I tended when I next had time off, went on many mini tours on extended weekends , from working extra weekends at a time. All I can say is take it one day at a time, do your job to the best of your ability, and plan for your next big or little tour. You know it will happen so it wont be so hard to wait.

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