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Post tour
Originally Posted by wrldtraveller View Post
Hey folks,

I just completed my first bike tour, I used Trek Checkpoint ALR 5, outfitted with dual racks. I cycled with two friends starting at Vancouver, B.C. and ended my trip at San Francisco, (my friends went on to San Diego)…

Now, my question for you folks, how do you deal with the return to civilization and back to the work routine?

For me, its a strange feeling, everyday I was a very goal oriented… Now its back to reality, so to speak, work, home, eat, etc. and it feels boring, nothing special, and I found myself a bit restless, and difficult to fall asleep at night. is this a normal sensation when you finish a long distance touring on a bike and come back to your home?...

Curious about anyone's experience and how to get back into the normal albiet boring routine of work/home everyday and how to cope with that.

I posted to this thread,” Emotional letdown after tour ends?”
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
On our cross-country honeymoon tour in 1977 [from LA to DC], as I recall, there was a sense of letdown, but not much time to dwell on it as we now arrived in Boston to start new jobs and life in a new city [from Michigan]. Our short period of laziness was three days in Washington DC (our destination) before taking the train to Boston.

There also was a minor let-down as we left the West after the Rocky Mountains since the California and Arizona deserts, and Colorado mountains were such exotic environments for two lifelong Midwesterners who were now descending into more familiar terrain..
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
… so many of the memories are deeply embedded in my mind. Every year beginning on our anniversary on April 30 for the next eight weeks I frequently try to recall where we were at that particular time on that date back in 1977
I do recall thinking on various tours
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
Originally Posted by bikingshearer View Post
A thought or two, based on personal experience....

Also, what's the hurry? One of the joys of touring is the singleness of purpose and absence of demands. All you have to do is get there: you don't have to get there fast or get their first - and if you are touring with camping gear, odds are you can be incredibly flexible about what "getting there" means on any given day.

Embrace that. Don't let your tour become an exercise in trading one rat-race for another.
Though I haven't toured in about 20 years, my wife and I did a cross country ride, and toured in Michigan, Ontario, New England and the Maritimes. … Doesn't that sound like a Great Escape from the usual daily work/commute "rat-race"?

In fact, bad touring days made me long for sitting in an office doing my usual job--very restorative.

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