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I guess my question is do SWB Iowa Linears have any special tube reinforcement at the headset? Pictures I've seen seem to show the steerer tube is 90 degrees to the main tube, which would make alignment somewhat simpler. The other positioning question would be what wheelbase to use. My '95 Vision is 36" wheelbase, later versions were stretched to 40". I will probably end up checking with AD Carson at Recycled Recumbents, he's not afraid to cut up bikes and doesn't live too far away.
In the meantime I will work with what I have. Picked up new tubes and tires and QR skewers so I can put the wheels on. Missing a couple of ball joint connectors for the seat, but can just bolt them together to get a ride going. Does anyone know where to get 1/4" balls to fit the quick connect sockets on the rods? I've found 10mm for trunk lifts, but those are too big. The ones advertised for carburetor linkages are going to be too small. I'll check with Peter Stull at current Linear shop for those.

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