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Do you think that 130 I measured in my tap water were added mineral good for you? If you has a choice between to 130 before or 000 after it was filtered which would you choose? No answer necessary, just think about it.

Anyway, this wasn't about acceptable quality, this was about getting the best tasting and healthy water possible. Remember, the government allows for a certain amount of carcinogens to be present in tap water and still be considered safe. So when someone asks is it safe, you need to consider by what standard.

Californians all Americans, rather should be rightfully concerned with the quality of drinking water coming from their taps. For many years, there has been the public perception that LA tap water is unfit for drinking. Many Angelinos believed the water coming from their taps was nasty, unsafe, and to avoid drinking it at all costs.

In recent years, a total of ten contaminants have been found in LA tap water sourced from the California State Polytechnical University utility.

Once again, the majority are known carcinogenics, with the exception of chlorate.
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