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Originally Posted by Lemond1985 View Post
In California, the legislature has created an awful conundrum for car and truck drivers.

Yes, there is a "3 foot" law, fine is $35 (never seen it enforced). It is California Vehicle Code section 21760. But there is also a law against crossing a double yellow line (California Vehicle Code 21460). Fine for that is $234.

So a driver approaches you from behind, on a narrow mountain road with a double yellow line. They have a choice of doing a close pass and risking a $35 fine, or crossing a double yellow line and risking a $234 fine. Which law would you break, if given such a choice?

Well, I can tell you which law most drivers choose to break. Thank you California legislature, for not creating a safe haven for people trying to obey the "3 foot law".
Law or no law, IME drivers here in SoCal are GENERALLY courteous and GENERALLY give me a decently wide berth, if there's room. However, not one single driver I've ever come across will slow down if there isn't room. Wait 10 seconds to pass safely? Nope, just buzz the cyclist.

Given my observations of drivers in CA in general, the laws on the books don't really impact people's daily drive so they're not doing that cross the double yellow / don't cross math in their heads.
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