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Originally Posted by Hypno Toad View Post
Safely passing a person riding a bike on the road is a purpose.

The current 3-foot passing laws are only enforceable with signification investment and effort by local PD. I'd like to understand your opinion on ways to make the roadways safer for people using bikes, and have enforceable punishment for people that fail to yield safe space while driving a vehicle.

BTW - The move-over laws for emergency responders is not limited to highways or simply police.
  • When traveling on a road with two or more lanes, drivers must keep over one full lane away from stopped emergency vehicles with flashing lights activated ambulance, fire, law enforcement, maintenance, construction vehicles and tow trucks.
  • Reduce speed if unable to safely move over a lane.
reference -

The three foot rule requires significant enforcement but the move over law wouldn't? Is that what you're claiming?

I would advocate enforcement of the three foot rule, adopting a draconian law that would be even more unenforceable (you can almost always talk your way out of the move over by claiming there was someone in the left lane, btw) is too ridiculous to warrant much discussion. I'd also advocate better education of drivers about the need to yield to bikes when the bike must take the lane.

I should have said "emergency responders", and yes, the move over laws apply to other roads, but my experience is they're generally not enforced anywhere where the traffic is slow. The primary target was definitely interstates where cops getting hit on stops and at accidents is a relatively routine accident, unfortunately.

No, I don't have a magic bullet that will make us safe, but that doesn't mean I have to keep quiet when I see a crackpot proposal.
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