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Originally Posted by iamacat View Post
They look great! How about a brief summary of each one? Were these 27" to 700c conversions?
... a couple were, but if there were issues like cantilever brakes (like on the Bianchi Randonneur) I just went with new 27" rims as preferable because a lot simpler. The biggest problems with older 27" wheel rims is that they are heavier than today's box section rims, and a lot of the earlier ones have an inadequate bead hook, or none at all. Otherwise, 27" wheels work fine for commuting (someone already said this in the thread).

All of them are relatively decent frames with either butted tubing or straight gauge 531. They are either '70's frames (with their more open geometry and longer wheelbase), or in the case of stuff like the Cannondale, touring models as designed.

As someone else has already said, unless you have a ready source for parts to swap out and do a lot of work yourself, it will probably be cheaper in the long run to buy something already purposed to your needs.

But that Centurion pictured for sale would be an easy conversion if the wheel/rims are solid and have a decent bead hook. And it's a solid package.
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