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Originally Posted by non-fixie View Post
Interesting to see all these suggestions for sporty machines. Where I live the most important quality of a commuter bike is that you can just hop on in your suit and tie and pedal to work. Upright bikes with fenders and closed chain cases have a distinct advantage in that respect.
I was about to say something similar to this effect. The ideal city bicycle where you don't have to think about the bicycle is one with a full chaincase, an IGH, and all-weather braking; not to mention a dynamo hub if one doesn't mind the weight.

The only thing that one can improve around the English roadster gestalt (or Dutch/Danish/Chinese roadsters or "city bicycle" - take your pick) is to build one around a lightweight steel frame. IIRC, there have been a few oddball offerings out there - not necessarily easily accessible in the US - that do combine the chaincase and IGH with lightweight frames, but not many.

I've often thought that it'd be nice if those one-size-fits-all fabric-covered chaincases could be purchased with an SKS-style mount that fits right behind the bottom bracket fixed cup/sealed BB drive side flange. It'd be the perfect way to chaincase up an IGH conversion on an old 531 frame.

Alas, every canvas-type chaincase repop I've seen has crappy chainstay clamps that will invariably slip, bend, and twist until the adapted chaincase becomes a bigger pain than it's worth. It makes more sense to use a modern-looking - but highly functional - SKS Chainboard partial chainguard and let it be at that.

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