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Questions about plan to cross Canada

I have a couple questions for anyone who has ridden across Canada.

I am planning a cross-Canada trip accompanied by support vehicle so donít need to carry gear. My hope is to use my endurance bike (Infinito). Iíve ridden centuries and been fine, but havenít ridden consecutive centuries every day for months, so if my intention is stupid, Iíd welcome that judgment (supported by reasoning, I hope). I am fit middle aged guy, if thatís relevant

I had intended to get deeper wheels (40-ish such as Enve 3.4) but just got back from riding in France where the mountains and mistral winds kicked my ass. Since I am not carrying a load, I figure I can get exactly the wrong wheels if Iím not careful: climbing wheels for the mountains that end up being brutal across the prairies or deeper ones that compound the challenges of the mountains. So my question is, if anyone has experienced the terrain across Canada and discovered what wheel depth provides the best net benefit, could they pass that advice along?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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