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Originally Posted by caloso View Post
That's backwards. Line should maintain a steady speed, and then when the rider on front pulls off, he or she will softpedal and drift to the back of the line. The last person should call out "last" or "end" and the rider drifting back slots in behind. There should be no acceleration except for the tiny bit of getting back on the pedals as you hook on the back.

That at would be fantastic If people would hold to that. For example, on a ride last week I had pulled for a couple minutes at 26.5-27mph, when I drift over and started soft pedaling the persons that was now the leader kicked the pace up to 29mph before I was back in the line. So the soft pedal tuned into a hard sprint just to grab a back wheel. Not fun, considering I was already recovering from a long hard pull. I guess itís just human natural to blow it out when you get on the front.
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