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dgasmd: I like your quote. but rplong beat me to the answer.

rplong: -- thanks for the answer-. As far as the names go, I think the Athena's got the better end of the deal.

not2fast: I hope you are correct. IF I dropped 16% weight by spring I will be out of Clydesdale category. I will keep my watersports based wetsiut until then.

fa63: Thanks for sharing your experience and based on your results -- a budget triathlete CAN do well. I think that you were one of the top 2 newbies is AWESOME... Doing it for under $400 is phenominal. Also I was really impressed that the swim was last. (I know that I would be worried that I would be out of gas by then -- thus fearing that I would swallow 1/2 the lake by the time I was done.) Skipping the tri specific wetsuit is OK -- as long as the lake is warm enough. Otherwise you could always ask a friend who waterski's to borrow the wetsuit for a couple weeks in the early season.

judson: I think you scored a HUGE bargain on that bike since it included shoes that fit you. You may have fell into this sprint triathlon thing a bit backwards, but with your goal to reach 175 -- I think you found a good sport to get you there. After all since you are training for 3 sports, your workouts won't get boring. Plus there will be a lot of goals and accomplishments along the way. I would suggest searching for some local events now and find out when the 2007 sign-up opens. As for the "Percheron" class -- I'm thinking 200+ lbs and under 5' 9" - let me know your thoughts?

BigCatDaddy: Look here for your 'official' numbers Nevis was a nice race. I enjoyed it. SO you've thrown down the gauntlet.... "I'll be at a 9 min swim or less, even if it kills me." With the way that course is set up -- your official swim time stops when you get to the top of the hill -- so you will really be swimming a 8:40 and running for 20 seconds. I hope you shatter the 8:40 mark. I will probably borrow a friends copy of TI to really see what this is all about --- although I may be better off figuring out the run and working on endurance, endurance, endurance as well.

Look forward to seeing you at Buffalo next year, but I doubt I will make DL. I may sign up for Nevis again -- if my coworker will let me crash at his cabin again. The Walker canoe - mtb - run sounds fun. I may try it sometime, but don't have a canoe yet. Let me know how it goes for you.

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