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Cycling is not for everyone. Sure... some people may find cycling happiness with a NON-road cycling sport.... and that's fine too. But an element of danger exists in virtually every sport, (and in everything actually). I don't know the exact amount of danger involved with road cycling... or even how to quantify specific levels of danger. I ride about 2000 miles a years with about 60% of those miles (1200) being in mostly city traffic. Rarely do I ever have what might be considered a "close call". And I haven't actually hit a car... since I was a kid (it was my fault).

I honestly don't know (or really care)… how my choice of sport (road cycling) compares in accident/injury rates as compared to other sport/activities normally pursued by old retired men my age. I do try to ride and behave responsibility. I have NO death wish. But I don't really care to impose some conjured-up safety bubble on myself either. After all, this is road cycling were discussing here. Not motorcycle racing, doing drugs, rodeo bull riding, base jumping, or fight club (because we wouldn't post about fight club).
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