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Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
So, just a some thoughts about Liming around town....


Fifth surprise - helmet.

I - just - can - not - feel - comfortable - riding - a - bike - without - a - helmet. That's just me. A couple of times I have passed on riding because I didn't have my helmet. So now I just carry it with me.

When I am far away from home, walking around with a helmet never feels - stupid. But walking around close to home with a just-in-case helmet feels - stupid. Maybe because in "travel" mode I usually carry a bag.

Find myself wanting a folding helmet.
In New York City last week and found a collapsible helmet at the Cooper Hewitt Museum gift shop.

Wore it for the first time this weekend. Works great, it's trivial to collapse and open. It's a proper CSPC certified bicycle helmet (I would compare it to sub $50 "normal" bike helmet), good ventilation and comfortable.

It is "small enough" (volume is less than 1/2 when collapsed) to fit in my bag.

One note is that the temple strap adjusters do not lock, so every time I open it and put it on I have to slide the temple strap adjusters. However, it does have a dial adjuster for the back of skull fit.

So, compare this $99 helmet to a modern sub $50 helmet, the collapsible feature about doubles the price.

So, the inevitable questions.
  • Why would anyone want to put a sweaty collapsible helmet inside a bag?

    I don't. I put an unsweaty collapsible helmet inside a bag. There it stays until I decide to pick up a Lime. I unlock the Lime, put on my headsweats, open the helmet and put that on, then ride away. For short rides (common on the Lime) literally no sweat. For longer rides on hotter days, my sweaty helmet hangs on the outside of my bag al fresco.
  • So now I carry around a bag?

    I always carry a messenger bag biking, and now carry a messenger bag walking. When I was "walking" I got in the habit. And now that I'm walking with trekking poles, I still carry the bag. I think it's a habit that I won't be able to break now.

    So I walk, stop, shop, put stuff in my bag. I also ride, stop, shop, put stuff in my bag.
  • But how can you fit your stuff AND your helmet inside your bag?

    I take my helmet out my bag, put stuff in my bag, hang my helmet outside of the bag al fresco.
NOTA BENE: There are several counterfeits of this helmet (actually, counterfeits of the earliest prototype helmets shown on the Kickstarter video). Most are selling for $36 and change and don't carry the Fend name. But one counterfeit calls itself FEND and goes for over $200.


-mr. bill

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