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Originally Posted by KraneXL View Post
As long as they're totally human powered you can't really make a case against them. At least I wouldn't.
Now this on the other hand, is the natural progress that's undeniable. Especially since we've already seeing the bike get more powerful by the day. And half of them you those don't even need to be pedaled to move.

Again, my issue isn't with the e-bikes, but with their encroachment onto previously totally human powered and already over-crowded territory.
The issue is limited space and room. Will we get to a point that we tell pedestrians that they can't use "MUPs", because they themselves aren't efficient enough, and there's no room for the 4-passenger pedal-car to get around them if they happen to come by? After all, that pedal-car is transporting 4 people, and the walking pedestrian is a just a complete waste of valuable space and moving way too slow.
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