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We can rule out she is not actually in Boston, but maybe somewhere nearby? Let's see if we can guess where in Metro Boston they are supposed to be:

Story board below

1 - Nice dining table you got there, shame that the Peloton will take precidence. At least they have a couple of Bertoia high bar stools.

2 - OK, we start right after Christmas, we are at least somewhere in New England maybe? Or the Rockies?

3 - Deck says probably New England?

4 - Spring, cut hydrangeas, so New England, Cape Cod or Cape Ann? Ah, but the landscape hanging in the entry says Cape Ann, maybe even Rocky Neck. Plus, she would be "Grace from Down The Cape" if they were in Cape Cod. Plus lots of mid-century moderns on Cape Ann. So Cape Ann it is!

5 - Interesting to bring in some potted trees? Small gas fired stone firepit, used to be illegal in Mass, still not legal to put it so close to a wood deck, and completely stupid to have a step down from the deck right next to the fire pit.

6 - Still spring? Or maybe summer? The campari and soda on ice, and the flip-flops on the deck are odd set decorating details. Trying to say summer I guess.

7 - Nothing says fall like a couple of small potted trees whose leaves are turning, plus a single pumpkin. Rain is a nice choice.

8 - Those shelves. Wow, just wow.

9 - Huge TV instead of fireplace of course.

10 - OK, it's only one year right, so we just cut back to spring?

11 - Wait, back to winter. Only one Sarinen Tulip bar stool now, which she's sitting on side saddle. (BTW, these chairs are VERY uncomfortable for children.) At least there are cookies on a serving plate on one side of her drawing, and milk WAY OVER THERE on the other side of her drawing. But no napkin? Plus not one but TWO HUGE jars of colored pencils, but she has one crayon in her hand?

12 - Finally, we get the long shot of how the space is put together. It's Christmas one year later. Yup, apparently they always dine out? (Two Bertoias this time.) And poor kid is opening her presents while the show is going on. Sigh.

-mr. bill

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