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Grand Sports dumpster find

Yep, fresh from the dumpster. A friend texted this picture....

"Is it worth anything? Found it in the dumpster of my apartment building".
At first glance I thought heck yeah. Then I zoomed in and saw the extensive rust. But what the heck, middle of winter, need somethong to wrench on, if nothing else maybe I can salvage some parts.
Got the bike. Even worse looking than I thought. Rubbed and buffed with compounds and oils, and polish. Started removing considerable paint. It looked horrible.
Coronavirus weekend. Well, as the panic set in I figured what else to do but crack open a can of Rustoleum and have some fun. Two days, two coats. Then put it back together Monday and Tuesday(today). Sun was out and I wanted to test ride it. 20 miles later...its a keeper.

I added saddle and seatpost. It came with a SunTour VGT derailleur, but I like Simplex and had one in my stash. Wheels are from another bike. But original wheels will probably go back on when I get some new tires for them. Great ride. Has a short top tube so mire upright position. And the quirky rando bars are kinda fun.
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