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Originally Posted by gugie View Post
In the Bay Area they've gone into "shelter in place". But it's not, tons and tons of exceptions, Tesla, for example. A long list of essential services that can stay open include gas stations, auto repair, and hardware stores. Oh, and apparently lawyers, because, yeah, they write the rules. But bike shops have to close down.
It sure is a "car" culture when transportation servicing/parts places are approved for staying open but in the case of cycling shops they're forcibly shut down. Hard to believe the justification for "car shops" wouldn't equally apply for "bike shops" ... for the same reason: that people using the mode of travel need to keep their vehicles operable.

Gotta love government, sometimes. Just when you begin to pity the folks, they do something like this (orders/legislation) that misses the point.

More than seven billion people, a couple hundred thousand confirmed infections, a few thousand deaths ... and planet Earth's global economy is directed to be mostly turned off. I wonder what anthropologists and others will think of us in 1000yrs when they look back to this time.

Putting the final touches on a new-to-me bike I'm converting to an upright riding style for commuting. Going through all the parts to ensure everything's cleaned, in good shape, adjusted. A couple more parts, a bit more prep ... Almost there.
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