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Is anyone else halting, or thinking of halting their C&V spending?

Covid-19 is certainly impacting societyís lifestyles across the country, and sparking uncertainty for many.

I raise this observation specifically with regards to those of us who enjoy procuring parts, and building bikes. While the endeavor brings much pleasure, and reward, I do wonder to what extent is it practical for some of us in a time such as the one we find ourselves in now.

With agencies, and businesses closing, some folks have already lost employment, and others surely will. Our status levels of financial security will of course look different from one another, but Iím sure we all find that sense of security to be equally important.

Iíve had a frame slated for a spring build. And while the season has arrived, the timing it seems, just isnít right. The parts still needed to put the bike together would cost about as much as a frugal monthís grocery shopping. I have the funds to complete the bike right now, but what about tomorrow?

My place of employment is at risk of shutting down. In fact, every day we stay open is rather amazing. And I am one who lives paycheck to paycheck. Itís possible that we remain running though this pandemic, but it doesnít feel wise to bank on that idea.

In considering these things, I hate to admit that for me, itís not a time when I can reasonably justify $200 worth of parts to build a bike when I already have a bike to ride. Iím feeling that the project will have to stay on the shelf until we reach a point of stability around covid-19. Food and shelter have to be a priority, and any current surplus funds, in my case, should be directed towards such priorities,

Is anyone else finding themselves facing the same decisions? Have you made them already? Iíd love to hear about it.
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