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Originally Posted by gugie View Post
Same could be said for grocery stores, except their inventory is a few weeks of food at best. Note, however, that right now bike shops have tubes and whatnot in stock and could keep bikes up and running while they still have inventory. Gas stations and auto repair stores will still be able to receive stuff, because they're considered essential, at least in the Bay Area, which was my example. I'd venture that almost all of us know someone who only uses bicycles for transportation, and may be only a broken part or flat tire away from being able to commute to work as a fireman, doctor, nurse, grocery store employee...

So, if auto repair stores can stay open, why can't bike shops? Philly seems to be an exception.
I started three responses to this but decided to just let it lie. All I've been hearing is the politics of this thing day after day and damn, I was hoping to get away from it here on BF. No such luck, I guess.

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