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I would have suggested trying out at least a couple of recumbent bikes and trikes before plunking down your money. I don't have chronic back pain but the few times I was afflicted with a bad backache lasting several days, the one thing I could continue to do was ride my trike. It seemed to help shorten the process of returning to normal. I don't know what part of Wisconsin you live in but there are several shops that carry a variety of recumbents. The one I would think about visiting is the Hostel Shoppe in Stevens Point. They have the upcoming Midwest Recumbent Rally in early August where you could try out a pretty good selection of bikes and trikes. There is also Budget Bike Shop in Madison but when I visited them in 2005 they had a limited selection. Wheel and Sprocket in Hales Corner is often mentioned as a good recumbent shop.

Of all the recumbents to start with, you may have picked one of the more difficult to learn to ride. I had a friend who owned several recumbents but lusted for a high racer. He quickly lost enthusiasm after test riding one at the Midwest Recumbent Rally in 2005. I had no problem hopping on a Linear LWB and taking off on a ride the first time I tried it. Some are more difficult than others.
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