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I can't speak for the route, I've never biked there.
As for the rest, first you need to change the stem, not the seat, to change riding position.
Pushing a seat all the way forward is not good for knee angle at highest foot position, been there made that mistake before.

The more you ride regularly, the more you should know how a bike fit is working for you, but you have to put in the hours and kms, Sure, it can help getting someone knowledgeable to help with assessing bike fit, but it's always about cost and who can do it.
I did it once eons ago, but it was from lots of riding that I got better at knowing how a given bike fits me and what I need to change.

As for damaging the frame, all I can say is if you are reasonable careful how you ride the bike and park it, there is no reason to damage a frame. If the wheels and spokes can get checked out by a good mechanic for tension, and you know how to have it in great working order, unless you ride it into potholes, lean the frame on hard scratching surfaces, park it improperly so it falls over , or ignore keeping drivetrain clean or not check bolt tightnesses, you can ride it and keep it in perfect shape.

Or you don't, that's up to you if you want to keep it as a collectible.

Re biamchi, you know what is involved changing stem, it's a pita I know.. and who knows what stems you can find where you live....

Good luck whatever you do
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