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Originally Posted by Kapusta View Post
I can believe this for the following reason:

Almost all of the bike riding I did as a kid was completely "unscripted" by my parents. It is what we did to entertain ourselves. Whether it was building jumps of questionable integrity or just riding around the neighborhood, we were just doing oru own thing.

When I look at most parents I know today, their kids' free time is almost completely scheduled, planned and scripted. Little to no "free" time.

So unless there is some organized biking class for them to be signed up for, they often just don't have any time for it. I don't think the issue is that kids are less active, it is that their activities are highly scheduled.
When I and my two younger sisters were young we'd often take our bicycles and go exploring. We'd drop into the Don Valley (Toronto, Canada) and ride for hours and many miles. We didn't have cell phones then either.

I think a big reason kids today don't ride as much is that there is this climate of fear surrounding the use of a bicycle especially on the road. Some schools will NOT allow children to ride a bicycle to school. Amny people simple believe that bicycling is a VERY DANGEROUS activity for an adult let alone a child.

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