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Originally Posted by ovenchips
I'm a single parent with a lad who'll be 15 in May (and is quite capable of 25 - 30 miles in a day) and i'm thinking of taking him camper-touring with me for the first time this coming summer. Maybe / probably up to a week in Holland as it's flat terrain, really cycle friendly and the ferry terminal is a short train ride away. And there'll certainly be no pressures on mileages etc

Having put the idea to him he's ok about it ..... in that unique sort of 14 year old shoulder shrugging way .....

I'm just curious if anyones had any good / bad / unusual experiences touring with kids ? Or any issues / problems arise that you'd never even thought of before ?

Or ..... just any advice / suggestions at all ?

I'm 15 and will be touring from Paris to Rome this summer 75mi a day; so if your son is motivated I see no reason why he would not be able to. Just make sure he is modivated, if he doesn't want to ride he wil make your trip aweful.
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