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Originally Posted by KraneXL View Post
An explanation wouldn't work, the judge will rule on the law. In my state you can't cover both ears. Although it is unlikely you still don't want to be that guy. Police tried to give me a ticket once for taking the lane to avoid an obstacle.

As for the loud music in the car I couldn't agree more. However, there is a psychological effect that headphone have of isolating you from your environment that's not quite the same in a car.

Even when I walk with headphones I have to keep a special awareness of my environment. I have crossed the street at least once without looking. That was enough proof for me.
On the other hand, isn't that what our leaders do?
Judge and jury = me being questioned and that is why I mention explaining myself. Totally wouldnt work, i have no disillusions that it would. I was simply replying to the absurd scenario in Addict's post. I have a strong suspicion that he doesnt actually ride enough to experience much of what he posts about.

As for leaders projecting other's words onto them, yeah thats done a lot. Its a pretty common human behavior.
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