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If you guys are really into audio we have had some (4-5) great get togethers in the last few months. Much science. Much beer, Much testing of DAC, Vinyl, tube and SS amps and some really exotic stuff. Reality is nobody is really a cyclist or racer.
But if you like audio, you will not beat what we are listening to. Some (one) of the guys buys a house so they can have different equipment in each room and not disturb the wife. So you have a 1 M $ audio hobby, I expect you can sell it all later. Most of us spend about the average cyclist spend and swap. $150 for a DAC, $150 for a TT - just a lot of barter. But there are some really crazy setups (Altec Lancing 604Bs in a 200 sq ft room). It is amazing to me what a restored vintage amp with new premium tubes can do. The audio IQ is pretty good. Stick your toe in...

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