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If you're just chasing the threads you can make your own chasers from a set of old pedal axles. You need to file or grind in about 6 equally spaced gullets with a square file held such that you have a radial cutting edge and a ramped relief ahead of it. Then file or carefully grind in some lead for the first few thread teeth and VOILA! Homemade crank thread chasers that work on aluminium cranks just fine. They are best used with some tapping oil that is meant for aluminium like Tapzall.

I also have no doubt that this option would work well for re-threading the metric French cranks as well. In a pinch I've used such homemade taps fabricated from grade 8 bolts on aluminium where the whole thread needs to be done, not just a chasing or a skim out.

One point though. You will want to start with axles from a better quality of pedal. The better the harder the steel will be. My own came from an old set of alloy pedals with some vintage value other than the fact that the cups and cones and bearing balls were rusted solid and totally beyond redemption.
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