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Originally Posted by cny-bikeman View Post
I would not count on being able to put on without tapping out. You don't want to find out that you can't get the pedals off again. Being able to thread part way in was a common way for us to suspect french threads in the "old days."
I've had some pedal and crank combos where the resistance stayed consistent all the way. For those it was fine. But I know what you're warning about here. The person threading the pedals in MUST be able to recognize the telltale progressive tightening that indicates a thread that's REAL close but not close enough. If

20 TPI compared to 1.25 mm is only .008 inch out per thread and the diameter is "only" .010 out with the 14 being a little smaller. But that smaller diameter combined with the 8 thou per thread means that all but the most undersized threaded pedals will jam 4 or 5 turns in. And as bikeman says it'll press fit itself to a jam shortly after that if you try to force it.
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