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Originally Posted by rensho3 View Post
I was actually at the Koh sprint and was standing in the infield right opposite. I have been relegated for far less than what he did. I also watched the video later and disagree with the comment that it was the riders fault. There was contact, and that was what caused Steve to fall. A warning was not enough. I also disagree with the Officials comment that the sprint was not engaged. Being there, there was no question they were going full gas. While I know officials are only human, this was a no-brainer. Full disclosure, I train with Steve.
Steve has admitted fault in the situation and admitted to causing the end result by his own actions.

Originally Posted by southernfox View Post
The contact caused the rider to panic, and the panic caused the crash. He easily could have stayed up, is my point.
Originally Posted by Divebrian View Post
Had there been no contact, there would have been no panic........
This is the problem, sprinting has become so "soft" these days that a little contact or even potential contact can cause such panic. If you're going to ride in close quarters to other riders either on the track or on the road, then becoming acquainted with contact and what to do in the situation should be learned. Our club does a drill with young riders where (on the grass infield for safety) they ride side by side and have to end up riding through a pair of cones that are only wide enough for one rider to get through. They are required to lean on each other and become comfortable with the feeling and learn how to stay upright.

I'll be the first to admit, I don't like contact. I'm only an M3, but I've got a family to support and bills to pay. Potentially screwing myself up for a jersey and some bragging rights is not on my agenda. I will rub shoulders with people if they want to bring it on, but I know my limits, and if you're riding dangerously vs aggressively I'm out and you can have your win. Aggressive riding is a great tool in this age where so many might freak out with a little contact.
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