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Originally Posted by letlmt View Post
I settled on the Trek FX 3 Disc based on all of the online reviews saying that the regular FX 3 does not stop very well. I figured that the small additional weight will not be noticeable to me as a beginner and I am not planning on climbing big hills or going 100 miles at a time. I get it next week and am very excited.

Thank you all for your input. I am sure that I will have more questions once I start riding.
Congratulations on the new bike :-) It seems like a fine choice to me. It's fairly lightweight and looks like it will be pretty efficient, but it's not a high strung bike; and you have a low gear available that's below 1:1 ratio, which will come in handy on sustained climbs, plus it still has a reasonable price. This really may be all you ever need, but if you do decide after 2-3 years you want to make a change, you'll have this as a reference point and knowing how it works for you in your conditions to ground the next choice, and you didn't need to take out a second mortgage to get there.

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