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Originally Posted by tommymc View Post
Airports are not a problem. Everything is open and the most you will get are friendly passersbys. I usually disassemble and pack the day before at a hotel/hostel where I can do it in a more relaxed setting. The Pelican is a Model 1510 which is designed to be the biggest to fit overhead. Interestingly, the S & S will fit into the Pelican and the Pelican will fit into the S & S. Whichever way you go a 50 pound box with no wheels is a pain to carry. I'm working on keeping the weight down to under 40 lbs. by transferring as much as I can to the carry on bag (which has wheels).
Harbor Freight has a little platform with three wheels on it. I roll my bike box in on that, check the box, and put the carriage in my carryon. I'd post a pic, but my phone has not been up to the task of late. On their website it's called the Haulmaster three wheel wood dolly. $3.99
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