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Originally Posted by Bah Humbug View Post
So for the "bigger is better" crowd, what's the optimal size? You're not on fat-bikes so it can't be a truly unlimited thing. Is it 32mm? 40mm? 47mm? What would you all like to ride and say "yeah, this is the right size"?

I mean, for the record, I'm good with the 28mm Michelin Power Protection+ I use, but I'm also literally just trying to work as hard as I can every morning so the efficiency of anything isn't important.
If I had to choose an optimal size, for me I think it would be 38 for smooth roads

The only reason I'm still riding 28s is because that is what fits in my frames. It wasn't until recently that you could get a real off-the-shelf road bike that fit wide tires. It feels like a chicken and an egg problem. Nobody was making the tires, so nobody was making the frames. nobody was making frames, so nobody was making tires.
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