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What happened?
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Originally Posted by JW Fas View Post
Note the clever sophistry here. A loaded question is being used to suggest that a specific incident already in the past could not be prevented by a wide-sweeping measure.

We all know 100% of crashes can't be eliminated. What we can say is a population with higher average proficiency would be a lot less likely to causes these kinds of incidents. The alternative is stay the course and ticket the drivers who happen to get caught after the fact. However, it's also known that an ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure.
Sophistry, Smophistry.

For some reason the poor guy is riding on a highway and not looking back enough. Even at 55 mph there should be enough time to see them coming.

Even though the shoulder is not the best in the world, that is where the cyclist should be.

I'm really happy the cyclist is alive but this could have been avoided. There was a 15 second interval between the first two cars passing, sighting the driver that hit them and impact.

And why is the video 15 minutes long when 14 of it is just the same image of the ground, broken parts and a blinky? I think the point was well made after one minute, I shuffled through looking for something else and unless I stayed with it the entire time I'm not sure what I would have heard. Actually, I carefully went forward a few seconds at a time and the audio is no good after the impact, you can't hear much or understand anything.

So it's a minute of the crash and 14 minutes of a bloody patch of weeds, the saddle, broken parts and a flashing red tail light.

Was is a road bike or a bent? I have to look up the story because the You Tube video doesn't say. Okay, road bike.

But good grief, I hope he'll recover okay.

The news report was talking about bike lanes as well, but that's a highway and there are no bike lanes.

He was on a road bike as I understand from a picture they show of him riding in the report.

I've had to ride rural highway stretches (a truck bypass as well in fact) and I keep on the shoulder, even dismount now and then and walk it.

And we had a U-Haul driver with a car dolly pull out in front of a semi at that bypass a couple days ago and he was hit on his side directly and died...I didn't like that area in the first place...never mind the pot shop next to the travel plaza. It wasn't all that hot before the bypass and all that came in.

Now, since the other two drivers passed in the other lane I guess you would assume that the cyclist figured the third would as well.

Never assume.

Two grafts? Lord have mercy. Bad all around.

Our streets are paved with onions...the drivers aren't tarping

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