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What happened?
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Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
If the closing speed is 50 mph, that gives you 0.68 seconds to get out of the way.

-mr. bill
The video shows the first signs of the car that hit him 15 seconds before impact. This was after two other cars took to the other lane to pass him. I myself would be looking back to see if more traffic was coming. Maybe you can't do that bent over like shown in the picture from the news report. I sit mainly upright because I ride cruisers. You would have to untuck and look but after two cars I would be inclined to do that.

I find that position very uncomfortable however, because I'm fat, and it limits my ability to look about.

I can't find any points that haven't already been brought up in 10 pages, so I'm out of this one. I'll look forward to progress reports on his health and court actions.

Our streets are paved with onions...the drivers aren't tarping

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