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Shifting question

Got the GF Mendota today. Wow, what a great bike! Question about rear derailer shifting... Is it 'normal' to shift the rear and not have the gear change sometimes? This one is bad when going into the higher gears like the 4 smallest. Sometimes you shift and nothing happens. Then shift again and it'll drop 1 or 2 gears. The same thing happened on my previous bike which had an inferior gear set compared to this one, so I kinda figured it was just cheaper derailers and such. Now I don't know. The Mendota has a Shimano M662 SLX derailer, so it should be decent stuff, no?

The bike will obviously be going back for a 'tune up' after I've ridden it a month or two and maybe it will get rectified then, but I thought it odd that a brand new quality bike exhibited the problem. Nothing I can't live with. I'd just like to know what to expect
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