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Originally Posted by MikeRides View Post
Just out of curiosity did you eat anything prior to or during your ride? Were you properly hydrated? From my experience, bonking comes from malnutrition... so that may have been your issue, on your next "hard" ride, try taking along a candy bar or bottle of Gatorade (mixed with water so you don't end up feeling bloated after drinking).
You guessed it. Been on a very restricted diet the past few months. As long as I don't exercise, I'm fine. Throughout the week I had noticed that I wasn't feeling good after each ride. My pea brain hadn't made the connection until the day after my last ride. Decided to give myself a couple extra days to sort of restock. I will definitely be bringing something to eat with me on Monday.

Thanks. I appreciate the advice. Haven't been riding long and what is still a "hard" ride to me is 10-15 miles bucking 20+ mph winds.
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