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Low carb. 100gr per day, max. Some days 50 or less.
Thank you for the explaination. It may not have been a true bonk. Looking back, it was probably a low blood sugar and basic lack of nutrition for the amount of effort I had been putting out over the course of the week. However, even though I'm not diabetic, I've had bouts of low blood sugar before and none of them were ever like this. It was a scary shutdown of my legs and upper body. Had a lot of difficulty getting unclipped, had to stand holding onto the fence in my front yard for a while before I could get off the bike. Took about 5 minutes after that to navigate the 30 feet to the house, then a few more to get me and the bike up on the porch. Couldn't formulate a thought to complete a sentence for a while once inside. Felt like crap for a little over 24 hours.

I try to maintain a cadence of 80 but know that I drop down tremendously on hills and into the wind. I am sure a lot of my problems are due to the fact that I don't know "how" to ride correctly yet. I've got less than 50 miles in the saddle. Everything else has been on the stationary.

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