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Originally Posted by Jarrett2 View Post
Yes, on push through. Once adapted, you can still ride on very low carbs and be fine.
I don't know if you missed the part where he said he's got less than 50 miles of actual cycling under his belt. Personally I think he's got enough work cut out for him building a healthy cardiovascular base and getting some cycling fundamentals under his belt before attempting to push through with becoming fat adapted. Just my opinion.

I'm working on my fat adaptation right now. I eat a fairly low-carb diet myself, though probably not in a ketogenic state most of the time, and I'm doing things to improve my fat adaptation, like empty tank rides in the morning on water and black coffee only, but I've also got many thousands of miles in the saddle, so I've got something to work with, and I also will have some sugar carbs (gatorade drink powder in one water bottle, an emergency snack in the frame bag, etc.) in a pinch, or for really long rides, or for fast group rides. I haven't gotten to the point of fat adaptation where I could do a 45-50 mile tempo group ride on an empty stomach, for example, or without drinking in some sugar-based calories.

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