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SeathAZ, it really depends on his goals.

dfull, which is more important to you currently:

Becoming a stronger/faster cyclist?
Getting healthier and losing weight?

Here's the reason I ask. I started out dieting to lose weight. Then I started riding bikes to hopefully lose more weight. But somewhere along the way with (misguided) advice from this forum, Strava, group "training" rides, etc. I lost track of the reason I started riding bikes (to lose weight) and got focused on becoming a stronger, faster, cyclist because that's what those things promote. I got confused and thought the two goals were the same thing, but despite what people here might tell you, they are not. When I was riding as hard as I could, I stalled and/or gained weight due to the fuel needed for cycling. When I ease off on cycling and focus on food, I lose weight. There is a point of diminishing returns on cycling performance as it relates to weight loss in Clydes.

So if health and weight loss is the goal, my advice is to focus on dietary goals and use cycling as a supplement. If becoming a stronger cyclist is the goal, then focus on whatever it takes to be a stronger cyclist and use food to further that goal, ie. more sugar. That's my opinion based on years and miles of experience.

If you decide to focus on weight loss, health and low carb eating, I stand by what I said in my previous post, "just take it slow and feel your way through the process." Your body will let you know what is doable as you go through the process.
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