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Originally Posted by rosefarts View Post
Thanks for the response.

So I quickly browsed the jtek website and didn't find anything about what I'm hoping for.

Here is my current (untested) logic.

The internet says with 11 speed, you can run Campy or Shimano cassettes. Shouldn't this mean that Campy and Shimano have the same pull ratios?

Like I mentioned earlier, this would be for a dedicated gravel bike that will be exposed to some very fast washboards (whether my butt likes it or not). I definitely want the clutch to keep chain slap down.

I currently like the idea of an 11-34 on a 2x11 system but could see a change in the future to 1x and using the left side for a dropper post.

This pretty much eliminates anything Campy except possibly the shifters and front derailleur.

Fun fact, my old skool gravel bike is 1x and has a Campy road crank. Every time I do something absurd with it, I like to laugh that it's probably the only Campy part that has ever been there.
Cable pull =/= cassette spacing.

You can use campagnolo, SRAM and Shimano 11-speed cassettes and chains interchangeably because the spacing between the sprockets in the same, so the rear derailleur moves the chain the same distance left-to-right-to-left-again for each shift.

However the cable pull ratios are different on all 3, so when you click a campagnolo shifter, it will pull a different amount of cable to what a shimano shifter will for the same click. This means that a Campag shifter connected to a Shimano derailleur (or vice versa) will not travel the right distance from right-to-left to get you from the 11 to the 32 and all points between (others here will be able to tell you if it will leave you short or overshot, but basically it won't get you there).

You can still use a Campag RD up to 34t, and if you want to go bigger at the back you can look into a Wolftooth Roadlink as others have mentioned.
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