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Originally Posted by datlas View Post
I have a cold-weather cycling question. I know there is a whole sub-forum devoted to this, but let me throw it out here first.

My concern is with cold weather gloves. I am fine with conventional gloves down to about freezing. For below freezing, thin gloves are not adequate and my fingers get too cold...but thicker gloves are too thick in the fingers and I lose my dexterity/feedback with braking/shifting etc. The solution I have used is to go to mittens with glove liners, which keep the fingers warmer, but I lose even more dexterity. Bar mitts are also an option, but you can't brake from the drops with them as they force you on the hoods. So...

I am wondering if there is a good winter type glove that has THICK insulation on the back of the hand/fingers, and between the fingers, but THINNER insulation on the palmar aspect of the fingers. The idea is to keep fingers warm but preserve tactile feedback/dexterity. With typical hand positions this side of the hand is not in the wind anyway.

Is this a valid ask? Anyone know if this exists and if it solves the problem??
All of my cold weather gloves have more insulation on the back. In fact I wish the palmar surfaces were better insulated when it's really cold and the bars seem to be sucking heat.
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