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No Brakes! Bicycle Track Racing in the United States - Sandra Wright Sutherland - Iris Press – 1995 –

ISBN 0-9645243-0-9.

Light reading about track racing in the 1990s with lots of photos. Something for everyone.

My Hour – Bradley Wiggins – Penguin – 2015 – ISBN 9780224100465.

Includes attempts by other riders – photos – some tech details – timeline (P92)

The Hour, Sporting Immortality the hard way – Michael Hutchinson – Yellow Jersey Press – 2007 – ISBN 9780224075209

Enjoyable and fast read.

The Flying Scotsman – Graham Obree .

Good read about Obree’s life and hour attempt. There is a movie of the book but it takes some liberties (I’ve heard but not surprised).

Cycling Anatomy, Your illustrated guide for cycling strength, speed, and endurance – Shannon Sovndal – Human Kinetics – 2009 – ISBN-13: 978-0-7360-7587-9.

All about muscles and how to exercise them – the exercises I do from the book are working for me. No coverage of exercises on an indoor trainer bike.

Renold Chains, A history of the company and the rise of the precision chain industry 1879-1955 – Basil H. Tripp – George Allen & Unwin Ltd. – 1956.

As an engineer and cyclist I found this history book very interesting. Renold chains were used by most European track cyclists into the 1990s. My UK club had a barrel of Renold chains and members just chopped off what they needed.
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