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Originally Posted by canklecat View Post
Yeah, terminology for solvents can be imprecise and varies among regions. Even "naphtha" isn't all the same. Same with "mineral spirits."

But I'm pretty sure the isopropyl alcohol the Oz cycle guy suggests for dissolving paraffin for portable containers of lube, isn't the best solvent for wax or paraffin. Especially if it needs heat to melt the wax. Makes better sense to just buy some ready made paraffin or PTFE lube in liquid carrier, if it's just for occasional use on trips.
Yep. But Steven (the guy) is a DIYer so he likes to make his products from scratch. His liquid wax is not intended for frequent or extended usage. With intervals of 300-400 and sometime 500kms between dips, you shouldn't require such temporary product unless you ride intensively. In that case, you would most likely be using a few chains at the same time to avoid being caught off guard.
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